Salt producers since 1992

Sales Monzon HomeSales Monzón S.A. extracts the salt from the deposits formed by karsts millions of years ago stemming from marine formations that were present in Aragon, Navarra and Catalonia.

The deposits of greater quality of the salt are located in the extraction sites of Castejón del Puente.  These deposits lie at a depth of between 500 - 1,200 meters.

The salt is extracted from the cavities disolved in water which makes up the saturated brine. That brine reaches the surface by being channeled through tubes and assisted by the pressure of the water entering into the same cavity.

The salt crystallizes in the decanting pools.  That crystallization process is being achieved by  aid of heat exchangers that considerably increase the production of the plant.

Sales Monzon Home99.8% purity is the quality of the salt that is obtained due to its purification process of dissolution in the cavity, and the following crystallization achieved in the decanting pools.