Historia Sales MonzonSales Monzón is formed in 1992 initiatially focusing on the drilling of wells for the extraction of the brine, followed by the building of the first evaporation pools.

In 1993 the first three motors are being put into operation with a capacity of generating 1,980 settle Kwh of electricity.  The same motors are recovering their residual heat in order to warm up the brine and to increase the crystallization process of the salt.

In 1995 the installation is being expanded up to the point where the total power of the motors reaches 14,365 Kwh.  This still is the current yield of electrical generation and recovery of the heat destined to the salt production.

The geographical positioning of the plant close to the Pyrenees offers it the privilege of being ideally located for the marketing of the salt for winter use in road maintenance in the region of Spain as well as in the South of France.

Historia Sales MonzonSales Monzón also has an important function in the region with respect to the production and sales of salt for industrial use, for the leather industry, for the decalcification in extensive  industrial facilities, as well as in other uses of large consumption.

In 2009 the old motors used for power generation were replaced by new ones, gas consumption decreased by around 20% , at the same time CO2 emissions decreased by the same 20 %.

This modification makes our plant more competitive due to lower energy cost and more environmental friendly with lower CO2 emissions